Fancy a mojito in a can? Here’s 13 you need to try

When you’re on the beach, at a summer BBQ or relaxing at home, there is nothing better than a refreshing mojito. In the past, you had to visit your local bar to enjoy this classic Cuban tipple, but now you can enjoy a delicious mojito in a can! Not only does it pass as a bar-quality cocktail, but it can be enjoyed anywhere.

Sip straight from the can or pour into a tall glass, top with ice, and garnish for an elevated experience. These canned mojitos offer both a classic flavour or a creative twist (just like the Key Lime Pie Mojito Fizz by Swish Cocktails). And a lot of the producers cover different cocktails, should you want to try an Old Fashioned in a can, a Pisco Sour or something different.

When I can’t make a fresh mojito, I turn to a mojito in a can. Read on to discover 13 different brands that bring this refreshing drink to your fingertips.

Mojito in a can at a glance 

Here is a glance at the thirteen mojito in a can cocktails that I enjoy drinking or have come across and would recommend if you are looking for a ready-to-drink mojito! For more information, scroll down or click the mojio can that you are most interested in. 

13 Mojito in a can companies to discover

Tom Savano

Mojito in a can Tom Savano

If you’re looking for a mojito in a can that captures the essence of its birthplace, Havana, Cuba, you must try the classic mojito by Tom Savano. Perfect for starting your relaxation on the beach with a cold can or ending your evening at home served over ice in a tall glass, you can’t go wrong.

This perfect tipple is made from crisp white rum, fragrant garden mint, refreshingly tart lime juice, and a hint of golden Demerara sugar. And if you plan on enjoying more than one or two, Tom Savano offers a bottled Havana Beachfront Mojito that serves seven.

Volume: 250ml
ABV: 8%
Price: £39 for 12 cans

Niche Cocktails

Niche Cocktails

A brand that prioritises great flavours in their ready-to-drink cans, Niche Cocktails has a beautifully tasting Matcha Mojito. Enjoy a refreshing combination of crisp mint and zesty lime with a small twist – Matcha green tea extract. The addition of Matcha green tea extract results in a harmonious blend of flavours. Enjoy fresh out of the can, or served over ice when tasting at home. 

Other flavours available in a can include a Negroni, Strawberry Daquari, Raspberry Cosmo, Mocha Martini and more. They are all different, so it’s worth trying a couple to see which is your favourite.

Volume: 250ml
ABV: 8%
Price: £15 for 3 cans | £26 for 6 cans | £45 for 12 cans | £80 for 24 cans


MOTH have a great tasting range of ready-to-drink cocktails which feature a mojito in a can! 

Enjoy solo or with friends or family members, in a tall glass with ice or out of the can in the sun, either way, you’ll enjoy a refreshing mojito that you expect to enjoy in a bar. It’s got all the flavours and you can taste the rum!

Once you’ve indulged in their mojito, other flavours are available for you to try out. I’ve recently tried their old-fashioned and was thoroughly blown away!

Volume: 200ml
ABV: 10%
Price: £20 for 6 cans | £39 for 12 cans | £72 for 24 cans

Swish Cocktails

Swish Cocktails

Fancy something a little different? Try this twist on the classic Cuban mojito: the Key Lime Pie Mojito Fizz! It’s blended with premium aged rums, fresh garden mint, squeezed lime juice, a distillate of white chocolate and butter biscuits, and finished with a magical infusion of Florida Key Lime Pie.

Founder Elena Breeze, created Swish Cocktails with the goal of bringing premium cocktails to people wherever they are and for any occasion. And I think this hits the spot perfectly! This drink is crafted with the expertise of award-winning bartender and mixologist Rich Woods.

Volume: 150ml
ABV: 5%
Price: £2.99 per can

SERVED Premium Cocktail

Mojito in a can Served

Founded by the frustration that they couldn’t find good quality ready-to-drink cocktails in a can, SERVED is on a mission to change that. Each of their ready-to-drink cocktail cans has been made to a bar quality standard. This means you can expect premium spirits to be used, real fruit and a correct measure.

SERVED Mojito in a can lay testament to this. It’s made using a Caribbean white rum which is light and refreshing, with notes of vanilla, and a crisp, smooth finish. Their mojito is made using real wonky limes and garden mint for a crisp, fresh flavour, with a touch of natural sweetness. And like all bar-quality mojito’s their recipe includes a full 50ml double measure.

Volume: 250ml
ABV: 8%
Price: £36 for 12 cans | £72 for 24 cans | £96 for 48 cans

Brewdog Wonderland Mojito


Over the years, Brewdog has been busy working on many drinks, including their Casa Rayos Tequila, Duo Spiced Rum, Vodka, their range of beers and canned cocktails, which include a mojito in a can! 

The Brewdog Wonderland Mojito combines their award-winning Duo white rum, fresh mint and juicy limes. It’s refreshing, easy to drink and is perfect for your summer BBQs or beach gatherings. 

Volume: 200ml
ABV: 10%
Price: £3.50 Per Can | £35.99 for 12 cans

LIBERATION cocktails

Without knowing, you may have tried LIBERATION Cocktails in a can before as they can be found in Nandos, Benugo, Neat Group and some of the Marriot collections. They produce eight different ready-to-drink cocktail flavours, including Porn Star Martini, Espresso Martini, Pisco Sour and of course, a mojito can.

Their ready-to-drink cocktails are expertly crafted with high-quality, all-natural ingredients and overproof craft distillery spirits. (Overproof means the spirit that has an alcohol content higher than the standard proof levels). The mojito uses barrel-oaked white rum, Brazilian lime juice, natural mint and soda.

Volume: 200ml
ABV: 8%
Price: £24 for 6 cans | £44 for 12 cans | £84 for 24 cans


Mojito in a can VACAY

The VACAY Mojito Cocktail is a refreshing blend that brings the traditional Cuban drink to you as a cocktail in a can. It’s made using premium white rum, mixed with lime juice, mint then finished with soda water and a hint of natural brown sugar, to add a touch of sweetness.

You can order it as part of a mixed pack, where you can try other VACAY ready-to-drink cocktails or order it on its own. I think the cans have been designed really nicely and they look good when being displayed in an ice bucket or stacked.

Volume: 330ml
ABV: 6%
Price: £3.99 Per Can | £20.99 for 6 cans | £35.99 for 12 cans


Ready to drink Mojito Barcadi Tribeology

Who said drinking a cocktail from a can should compromise the flavour? Not Tribeology! They have worked hard to produce a range of ready-to-drink cocktails which use premium spirits and the finest ingredients.

Savour their refreshingly light mojito, expertly blended with premium rum, soda water, lime, and mint. The carbonation enhances the flavours for a delightful experience. Plus, for each can purchased, Tribeology donates 17 litres of clean water through their partnership with the Thirst Project. Enjoy your mojito knowing you’re making a positive impact on the planet!

Volume: 250ml
ABV: 8%
Price: £32.99 for 12 cans


Ready to drink Mojito Barcadi

It will come as no surprise to you that Bacardi produces their own ready-to-drink mojito, considering they are one of the biggest producers of rum in the world! A few years ago I went to their distillery in Puerto Rico for a tour and tasting which I would recommend if you ever get the chance, it was a really interesting experience. 

Their mojito in a can is a mix of their Bacardi Carta Blanca, combined with lime, sugar and mint. It’s 5% in strength, has no artificial sweeteners and the can looks cool – stack them on your BBQ table to add some colour and fun.

Volume: 250ml
ABV: 5%
Price: £21.60 for 12 cans

MAVRIK (Non-Alcoholic)

With a wide range of non-alcoholic, low-calorie cocktails MAVRIK has been growing in popularity when you fancy a cocktail but don’t necessarily want to drink alcohol. Their non-alcoholic cocktails are not just alternatives but unique drinks with their own distinct appeal.

Their Virgin Cuban Mojito is made from carbonated New Forest spring water, fructose, quinine, and natural flavourings including orange, rhubarb and grapefruit. It zings with the flavours of mint, lime, and rum, delivering a refreshing and authentic experience. It recently won Gold at the Great British Food Awards too.

Volume: 250ml
ABV: <0.5%
Price: £9.75 for 4 cans | £23.80 for 12 cans | £46 for 24 cans | £65 for 36 cans

Savyll (Non-Alcoholic)

With the non-alcoholic market growing, it’s clear why Savyll have been working hard on their collection of alcohol-free cocktails that you can enjoy out of a can. They currently have four different non-alcoholic cocktail mixes – Bellini, Paloma, Moscow Mule and Mojito.

Award-winning and with many positive reviews, you’ll want to try their mojito in a can. Savyll’s Mojito in a can is a delightful mix, perfect for when you want the experience of a cocktail without the alcohol. It’s an excellent choice for hosting guests who are pregnant, designated drivers, or simply not drinking alcohol.

Volume: 250ml
ABV: 0%
Price: £9.99 for 4 cans | £29.99 for 12 cans | £59.98 for 24 cans

Swish Cocktails (Non-Alcoholic)

Mojito in a Can Swish Cocktails

Along with having an exciting range of alcoholic ready-to-drink cocktails (which I mentioned above), Swish Cocktails also produces six 0% non-alcoholic cocktails in a can, with a few twists on the classics – Smoked Pineapple Margarita Fizz, Naughty Passion Martini Spritz, Dolce & Banana Gin Spritz, Pina Colada Spritz, Breakfast Fizz and a Key Lime Pie Mojito Fizz.

Refreshing, the Key Lime Pie Mojito Fizz is a twist on the Cuban classic that’s worth trying. It’s a blend of premium alcohol-free spiced rum, fresh garden mint, squeezed lime juice, white chocolate & butter biscuits distillate, finessed with a magical infusion of Florida key lime pie.

Volume: 150ml
ABV: 0%
Price: £2.50 per can

Tips on buying a mojito in a can

  • When trying the mojito in a can, sample it both directly from the can and in a tall glass over ice. The way you drink a cocktail can influence its taste—just like wine tastes better from a glass than from a plastic cup.
  • To save money, consider ordering more ready-to-drink cans at once, as bulk orders often come with discounts. Some of the suppliers will let you order mixed packages so that you can try the other flavours they offer.
  • Consider trying a few of the brands mentioned above, as each offers a unique taste. You might have a favourite, but sampling a mojito can from another supplier could reveal a new preference.

Do you have a favourite supplier when buying a ready-to-drink mojito? Have you tried one of the cans in the list above? Is there a supplier I haven’t included that you think I should? Let me know in the comment box below.

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