Embark On A Flavourful Whiskey Cocktail Journey: Mint Leaf London Introduces Whiskey Passports!

Calling all whiskey drinkers, Mint Leaf London has launched their Whiskey Passports – You will have a fantastic evening when visiting!

From now until June 28th, when ordering one of their 12 handcrafted whiskey cocktails – which are inspired by destinations around the world – you will be handed a Whiskey Passport that you can collect stamps in.

With every delicious cocktail you enjoy, you’ll earn a stamp for your Whiskey Passport. Once you have enjoyed all 12 of their cocktails and filled your passport with all 12 stamps, you’ll be entered into their exciting draw. And the winner of this draw will win a £250 voucher for Mint Leaf London!

Mint Leaf London Whiskey Passports

Be transported Down Under with a dark and powerful Melbourne Sour and experience the fresh citrusy flavours of Japan with The Sacred Infusion. A full list of the 12 cocktails which you can enjoy as part of the Mint Leaf London Whiskey Passports include: 

  • Amazonico – Monkey Shoulder, Banana syrup, Almond syrup, Lemon, Egg white
  • Melbourne Sour – Monkey Shoulder, Lemon, Simple syrup, Syrah blend
  • Bloody Red Sky – Ka Va Lan, Vanilla, Raspberry, Lemon, Egg white
  • Lynchburg Lemonade – Gentleman Jack, Lemon, Simple syrup, Lemonade
  • Bourbon Mint Julep – Woodford, Mint, Simple syrup, Bitters
  • Whiskey Colada – Glenfiddich, Coconut, Pineapple juice, Milk
  • The Asian Confusion – Glenfiddich, Lemongrass syrup, Lemon, Soda
  • The Soul of the East – Glenfiddich, Mongo, Coconut, Pineapple juice
  • Irish Coffee Martini – Bushmills, Caramel syrup, Black coffee, Baileys
  • Canadian Old Fashioned – Crown Royal, Maple syrup, Bitters
  • The Golden Malt – Gold Label, Camomile syrup, Bitters
  • The Sacred Infusion – Japanese whiskey, Yuzu juice, Honey, Egg white

Mint Leaf London
12 Angel Court
Website: mintleaflondon.com

Have you been to Mint Leaf London before? Or will you be visiting to try one of the above cocktails from the Whiskey Passport? What is your favourite Whiskey based cocktail? Let us know in the comment box below.

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