What To Mix With Gin – 23 Gin Mixers When You Don’t Fancy Tonic

Tonic is a classic gin mixer, but sometimes you want to try something new or have guests who don’t like gin and would prefer to try other gin mixers instead.

Personally, I love to try new things and am always mixing my spirits with different drinks – some work well, others not so well. Everybody tastes things differently, so what works for me or you, may not for someone else, which is why it’s important to experiment.

Whether you’re a seasoned gin connoisseur or a curious newcomer, I hope my guide on what to mix with gin when you don’t fancy tonic gives you some inspiration. If you have any gin mixers that I haven’t included, drop me a message in the comment box!

What To Mix With Gin? 23 Gin Mixers At A Glance

Here is a look at the 23 gin mixers that I recommend when you’re looking for an alternative to tonic water. For more information, scroll down or click the gin mixers that you are most interested in. 

23 Gin Mixers

Gin & Cranberry Juice

Gin & Cranberry

For those of you who enjoy fruit juices, mixing cranberry juice in your gin is a delicious choice (you can then also use the cranberry when making a Cosmopolitan)! The sweet and sour edge of cranberry juice compliments the botanical notes of an earthy gin.

Add a small amount of simple syrup to sweeten up your gin & cranberry or you can enjoy it without. During the festive period, a cranberry gin & tonic is an easy cocktail to make that has a Christmassy feel and a nice sweetness. It’s also very refreshing, so there’s no reason you can’t enjoy it in the summer months!

Gin & Prosecco


If you’re celebrating something special, or fancy jazzing up your drink, prosecco makes a great pairing. Add your gin, 12.5ml of lemon juice and 12.5ml simple syrup to a shaker with ice and shake. Strain the liquid into a prosecco glass and pour the prosecco on top, before completing your cocktail with a lemon twist as a garnish. – this is known as a French 75. I find this cocktail a great option when hosting a BBQ or having friends around for brunch.

Gin & Orange Juice

Gin Mixers Orange Juice

Gin and orange juice present a nice change from the classic gin and tonic or other gin mixers. It’s refreshing, simple to do and works harmoniously with different gin botanicals. If you can, I would recommend using freshly squeezed orange juice, although premium shop-bought orange juice pairs nicely as well. I always make sure my ingredients are chilled before serving as I really don’t like warm orange juice.

Gin & Cream Soda

What to Mix with Gin
Muddle 3 or 4 raspberries at the bottom of the glass

Admittedly, I am a sucker for cream soda! It’s a drink I used to enjoy a lot as I was growing up, so it has a lot of nostalgia for me.

Cream soda is a sweet and creamy fizzy drink that’s got a distinct vanilla flavour to it. By mixing it with gin, you’ll create a unique drink that is a fun twist on traditional gin mixers.

To make a Gin Cream Soda, simply combine gin with cream soda over ice in a glass, stirring gently to blend the flavours. Muddle 3 or 4 raspberries at the bottom of the glass for a delightful tartness that harmonizes with the cream soda.

Gin & Apple Juice

Apple Juice with gin

Mixing your gin with apple juice will create a refreshing twist for you to enjoy. Apples offer sweet and tart notes, which work nicely with a London Dry Gin – Tanqueray London Dry Gin is a staple at my house.

Pour 50ml of gin and 125ml apple juice into a tall glass and fill it with ice. Stir and then I like to garnish with a lime but a wedge of apple will also work.

Gin & Ginger Beer

Ginger beer

If you enjoy a bit of spice, ginger beer is the perfect mixer for you. Its bold and aromatic flavour pairs wonderfully well with the botanical notes of gin, creating a very refreshing drink – I love this on a summer’s day! And I find it quenches my thirst, whereas mixing with coke, doesn’t always do this for me.

If you have ginger ale in, this can also be used as a delicious mixer for your gin – Opihr Gin and Sipsmith London Cup Gin are two gins that go really well. If you are looking for non-alcoholic options, Captain Morgans’s new alcohol-free spiced gold rum would also pair nicely with ginger ale.

Gin & Pink Lemonade 

Gin Mixers

For a refreshing twist to your classic gin and tonic, turn to pink lemonade. It’s a simple pairing that works together seamlessly, offering a light taste that removes the bitterness tonic can sometimes bring while adding a floral flavouring. It’s no surprise it’s popular when you consider a lot of gin brands produce pink gin! To make the perfect gin & lemonade, add plenty of cubed ice and garnish with a fresh strawberry and fresh mint. 

Gin & Lemonade 

Gin Mixer Lemonade

Above we mention pink lemonade as one of our gin mixers, but if you prefer something a little less sweet, you may prefer a simple, classic lemonade. Lemonade tends to have less sugar and doesn’t have food colouring or fruit juice so can be less artificial.

Lemonade’s flavour profile complements gin’s botanical flavouring. It’s sweeter – which some people prefer – and it’s refreshing. The obvious garnish with a Gin & Lemonade is a lemon, but a lime also works!

Gin & Coke 

Coke with gin

Mixing gin with Coke isn’t the most favoured mixer – I tend to mix spiced rum with Coke or a bourbon whisky with Coke. That being said, it can be done and it doesn’t taste bad at all. For those willing to try it, it offers a unique taste that has plenty of sweetness to it – different gins work better with Coke.

Gin & Strawberry

What to Mix with Gin Strawberries

Pairing gin with strawberries is the perfect combination – it’s light, refreshing and easy to do! When you think about the different flavoured gins on the market, there are several strawberry-infused gins, which suggests strawberries go nicely with gin. I like the Sipsmith Strawberry Smash Gin they released for Wimbledon a few years ago!

Muddle some strawberries in a tall glass, squeeze some lime, add the gin and some simple syrup, mix and then top with chilled soda water or lemonade and you’ve got the perfect summer drink.

Gin & Vermouth

Gin Mixers gin and vermouth

Vermouth has been rapidly increasing in popularity as of late, with many turning to its light and floral flavour. With a herbaceous kick and not overly sweet taste, it makes the ideal mixer to go with your gin. Vermouth is an aromatised, fortified wine infused with botanicals to give it that little kick and is also the reason it’s such a delicious pairing.

Gin and vermouth is actually what makes a classic martini cocktail and involves 2 parts gin and one 1 part vermouth (you can finish it off with a dash of orange bitters if you prefer – I find it enhances the taste – but this is optional!) All you need to do is combine the ingredients in a mixing glass with ice, stir, strain and enjoy! You could even chuck in an olive for a refined finish!

Gin & Lime

What to mix with gin Lime

When it comes to a refreshing gin mixer, you can’t get better than a gin and lime. This delicious citrus fruit with a sweeter tang than lemon and makes for a delicious gin-based drink. Both tart and sweet, bitter and fresh it’s an ideal choice whenever you fancy a gin but aren’t quite sure what to pair with it.

The typical gin and lime cocktail is called a gin gimlet and sounds fancy but is simple to make! A combination of gin, lime and sugar syrup, all you need to do is muddle the ingredients with ice, strain and pour into a martini glass. Delicious!

Gin & Soda Water

Gin & Soda

Soda water tends to be a popular alternative to tonic and one that a lot of people instinctively go for when thinking of alternatives. It’s a light mixer, that doesn’t affect the flavour profile of your gin hugely, it simply adds a subtle fizz and reduces the bitter taste that is sometimes associated with tonic water.

If you find soda water is too flavourless, spruce up your drink by adding 3 slices of cucumber, 12.5ml sugar syrup, and 12.5ml lime juice and mixing it to make a cucumber, gin cocktail. Alternatively, consider adding a garnish for a subtle flavour – mint, cucumber, lemon or lime all go well with gin.

Gin & Pineapple Juice 

Pineapple mixer

When thinking about what to mix with gin, pineapple juice is a popular choice as it has a tropical and refreshing flavour profile and pairs well with the herbaceous notes in gin. On a hot day, a cold gin and pineapple juice will quickly quench your thirst!

If you have the time and the equipment, making homemade pineapple juice can go down nicely. If not, shop-bought pineapple juice is also very good. Just remember the taste can vary with the different brands and the variety of pineapple used.

Gin & Grapefruit

Gin Mixers Grapefruit

Grapefruit is distinctively tangy and slightly bitter, it offers a refreshing burst of tartness with underlying sweet notes – the flavours can vary depending on the grapefruit being used.

Compared to other citrus fruits, Grapefruit can taste more sour, so it depends on whether you like a more bitter-tasting drink or not, as to whether you use grapefruit as one of your gin mixers. If you would like to try a gin that’s already flavoured with grapefruit, Chase sells a delicious Pink Grapefruit & Pomelo Gin, which I would recommend trying.  

Gin & Coffee

Coffee mixer

Gin & Coffee – Yes you read it right, you might be surprised to hear it, but gin does pair well with coffee! Its bitter and slightly acidic notes can complement the botanical flavours found in gin. 

When you are next after that caffeine pick-me-up, try a gin & coffee instead of an Espresso Martini – or better that, enjoy both when you are in real need of a wake-up. We mention Espresso Martini, but did you know gin can be a replacement for vodka?

Gin & Lilt


I would put Lilt in the unorthodox gin mixers category. It’s not a drink that I would initially have thought to mix with gin, but when I did, it actually worked! – When you dive more into Lilt, it’s a tropical fizzy drink that features a blend of citrus and tropical fruit flavours, including pineapple and grapefruit. Now, both pineapple and grapefruit as a juice, go nicely with a gin, so you can see why Lilt doesn’t taste bad!

Gin & Irn Bru

Irn Bru Cocktail

Hear me out before you dismiss this one, Irn Bru surprisingly mixes very nicely with gin! The Scottish soft drink, has a distinctive citrusy orange flavour (some say bubble gum, others say cream soda) which can combine with a gin – although you have to be careful not to add too much as Irn Bru can be overpowering.

Pour 50ml of gin and 125ml Irn-Bru into a tall glass and fill it with ice. Stir and then garnish with a slice of orange. This one may bit a hit but it could also be a miss, I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Gin & Cider

Cider Cocktail

Gin mixed with cider makes a refreshing cocktail that can be enjoyed any time throughout the year. It’s a cocktail you can make for guests when hosting, or a drink you can enjoy when relaxing at home. I like it because it’s quick to make and it’s something different to tonic or soda water.

There are three simple steps to make this drink, pour your favourite gin and apple cider into a glass, add some honey syrup (for some extra sweetness) and fill it with ice, then mix. Remember, apple cider can vary in taste, a bit like gin, so try this with a few different types to find the one you like most.

Gin & Earl Grey

Tea Cocktail

Move over tonic and lime, there is a new mixer in town that is becoming a popular alternative: Earl Grey Tea. You’ve probably enjoyed this over breakfast, but have you tried it with your favourite gin? Earl Grey’s flora character and subtle citrus notes offer a surprising yet delightful match for the botanicals of many gins.

An easy Earl Grey recipe to follow is – Pour 35ml early grey tea, 25ml honey simple syrup, 12.5ml lemon juice and 50ml gin into a cocktail shaker with ice, shake and then strain into a cocktail glass.

Gin & Mango / Lemon Juice

Mango and Lemon Juice

I love a cold glass of mango juice in the morning, which had me thinking does it go with gin? And when mixed with lemon juice, yes it does! This is a simple cocktail recipe that uses two gin mixers – mango and lemon juice.

Pour 50ml gin, 50ml mango juice and 30ml lemon juice into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake. Strain into a tall glass filled with ice and top up with soda water. Garnish with a slice of mango or lemon.

Gin & Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate Juice

Have you got a bottle of pomegrate juice in your fridge and was wondering what you could mix with it? Pairing it with gin, creates a refreshing drink that is bold and big in flavour. Try this with an earth gin for the best results. If you want to try something different, you can also mix lemonade in with the gin and pomegranate to add some fizz and sweetness.

Gin & Coconut

Coconut Water Gin

This is more of a cocktail than a mixer, but as it’s easy to put together, I thought I would include it. What you need is 60ml gin, 120ml coconut water and 8ml of lime juice.

Pour 60ml gin, 120ml coconut water and 8ml of lime juice into a cocktail shake with plenty of ice and shake. Double train into a tall glass and add bitters (the amount you add depends on your taste preference) and stir. Finish with a lime wedge to garnish.

Tips when you can’t decide what to mix with gin?

  • Consider the gin you are pairing with – Certain gins work better with a particular mixer than others, for example, a citrusy gin would go well with fresh orange, whereas a London Dry Gin, goes well with coffee.
  • Think about the garnish – A garnish can completely change the flavour profile of a drink. Depending on the mixer you are going to use, a certain garnish may be preferred.
  • Use the correct ice – Ice plays an important role in the overall taste of a drink. You may want to use Collins ice in a tall glass, or crushed ice if you are using a lowball glass.

I hope my guide on what to mix with gin has helped give you some inspiration for future gin mixers. Which of the above mixers will you try in the future? Are there any mixers that I haven’t included that you think I should add to the list? Do you have a favourite gin cocktail? Let me know in the comment box below.

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