Top-Rated Espresso Martini Gift Sets: Elevate Your Gifting Game Or Become The Host With The Most!

When it comes to cocktails, few drinks exude the same level of elegance and allure as the Espresso Martini. Combining the rich, robust flavours of coffee with the smooth sophistication of vodka, there’s no surprise that the Espresso Martini has become a very popular drink to enjoy as an evening tipple.

Whether you’re on the hunt for the ideal gift or fancy enjoying a Espresso Martini (or two) within the comfort of your own home, I’ve put together a list of Espresso Martini Gift Sets, that will help you make this delicious drink at home, like you would in a bar.

Espresso Martini Gift Sets at a glance

I do the research so you don’t have to

I’ve done the research so you don’t have to! As a creator who makes recommendations to you, I want to be fully transparent on the information I’m sharing. This is why when writing this article, I’ve taken the time to look into reviews and customer opinions, to speak to brands and to draw on my own knowledge before making the recommendations. I’m here to help you make the best and most informed decision you can, so you can enjoy cocktails and drinks you love, time and time again. 

10 Espresso Martini Gift Sets

Grind Gift Set

Espresso Martini Gift Sets Grind

Allow Grind to treat you to a flavoursome Espresso Martini with their gift set. Grind is known for its delicious coffee, so it will come as no surprise that their coffee mixes superbly well in an Espresso Martini. I often subscribe to their coffee subscription and use it regularly for my Espresso Martinis.

Inside, discover a cocktail shaker set and a matching pink Grind tin that can be personalised. Choose between 20 Nespresso®-compatible compostable coffee pods in a mix of blends, or a bag of their House Blend Ground Coffee. It wouldn’t be an Espresso Martini without 4x 50ml bottles of Absolut vodka and a pouch of coffee beans for garnishing. It’s the perfect gift for any cocktail lover, ensuring every sip is an experience to savour.

If you aren’t familiar with Grind, then you may be interested to know they recently partnered up with Brewdog to launch an iconic coffee stout.

Rusty Barrel Espresso Martini Cocktail Kit – Original

Rusty Barrel London is a great choice for Espresso Martini Gift Sets as they have two different options available – A Rusty Barrel Espresso Martini Cocktail Kit for £25 or a Rusty Barrel Espresso Martini Cocktail Kit Bundle for £65.

Both kits enable you to make a flavourful Espresso Martini – coming with three bottles of Lakes Vodka (I highly recommend), two Solo Coffee Shots, 100ml of Rusty Barrel Coffee Liqueur and Coffee beans for garnish. The difference with the kit bundle is you get the addition of a 750ml Silver Cocktail Shaker and a measuring Jigger with 15ml, 25m, 35ml and 50ml measurements.

Cove Cocktails Espresso Martini & Chocolate Gift Box

If you’re in search of a unique gift, treat them with a Cove Cocktail Espresso Martini paired with a luxurious chocolate gift box.

This set includes all the ingredients – 20cl bottle of award-winning Cove Vodka, 2x 5cl bottles of Cove Coffee Liqueur, Salcombe Brew Coffee Beans and 2x Salcombe Brew freshly ground coffee bags – to create a delicious espresso martini and it also comes with a bar of luxury Salcombe Dairy Bean to Bar Chocolate.

These Espresso Martini Gift Sets include a ribbon and a gift tag to include your own personalised message. It should make 4 delicious Espresso Martini cocktails!

The Cocktail Connoisseurs

Espresso Martini Gift Sets

This gift box is going to impress, with two 50ml Belvedere Vodkas, known as a premium Polish Vodka (a 70cl retails at around £35 which shows just how high quality it is.) It also contains two 50ml Conker Coffee Liqueur which is created by Coffee Roasters for the coffee lover and as such, deserves to be featured in this guide on Espresso Martini Gift Sets!

In addition to the Belvedere Vodka and Conker Coffee Liqueur, you’ll receive a 50ml Sugar Syrup, 200ml Minor Figures Cold Brew Black Coffee, one Pact Coffee Bean Tin, a recipe card to follow and a tutorial video. You’ll be able to craft 4 irresistible Espresso Martini Cocktails, all within the comfort of your own home.

Mr Black with GiftPack

Mr Black is a delicious coffee liquor (a blend of Arabica coffees with a vodka base) that was made to combine two much-loved slices of Australian life: good drinks and great coffee. It compliments a whole range of cocktails, including Cold Fashioned, Coffee Negroni, White Russian and of course Espresso Martini.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that they have put together a gift set using their coffee liqueur, helping make the ultimate Espresso Martini. Coming in a beautiful ready-to-gift box, you’ll receive a 500ml bottle of Mr Black, a branded cocktail coupe to enjoy your cocktail in and a coffee cocktail booklet. All that’s needed on your end is 30ml Espresso or Coffee and a cocktail shaker to mix the ingredients in.

Cocktail Porter

Treat yourself or a loved one to one of the two carefully crafted Espresso Martini kits curated by Cocktail Porter. Both sets contain the same products – Ketel One Vodka, Solo Cold Brew Coffee, Conker Coffer Liqueur (This is used in The Cocktail Connoisseurs gift set as well), Sugar Syrup and Montezuma’s Fitzroy Dark Chocolate. The difference is the quantity of product, in the large cocktail kit, you get a 700ml bottle of Ketel One Vodka, 1000ml bottle of Solo Cold Brew Coffee, 350ml Conker Coffee Liqueur, 120ml Sugar syrup and a bar of Montezuma’s Fitzroy Dark Chocolate.

Taste Cocktails

Espresso Martini Gift Sets Taste

Just like me, Taste is on a mission to help show you that you can make bar-quality cocktails in the comfort of your own home. They sell a plethora of Taste Kits (cocktail kits), ranging from a Mojito Discovery Kit to an Old Fashioned Kit and in this case Espresso Martini Discovery Cocktail Kit.

This kit includes all the ingredients you will need to conjure up 6-bar quality Espresso Martini cocktails, along with modern twists on the recipe with hazelnut liqueur and amaretto, also included.

Not on the high street

Not on the High Street is an online marketplace that offers a curated selection of unique and personalized gifts, homeware, and accessories from independent sellers. It provides a platform for artisans and small businesses to showcase their handmade and bespoke products, allowing customers to discover one-of-a-kind items that are not commonly found on traditional high streets.

In the case of Espresso Martini gift sets, a quick search on their site and they have a whole range of gift sets that are worth considering. Some of the above companies that I have mentioned, such as Cove Cocktails and The Cocktail Connoisseurs sell their gift sets on Not on the high street.

Craft Gin Club Gin-spresso Martini Gift Box

It’s not one of your traditional Espresso Martini gift sets, however, it’s an adaption that I think you might be interested in. Made by the well-known Craft Gin Club, this gift set uses gin instead of vodka to add a nice twist to your evening tipple.

To make your Gin-spresso, you’ll need to follow three simple steps, which this gift set explains. At £45 this gift is at the upper end of my guide to espresso martini gift sets, however, it does include a full 70cl bottle of Tōsh Gin, a 500ml bottle of Gin-spresso Martini Cocktail Syrup and two, 250ml Grind Iced Black Coffee Cans.

Great Yorkshire Hampers

Made by the team at Great Yorkshire Hampers, a family run Yorkshire based company, this bundle is their adaption made for rum lovers who also like an Espresso Martini! Swapping out vodka for spiced rum, this kit has everything you will need to make 4 irresistible Espresso Martini, but with a spiced twist. The Libations rum used is an award-winning Leeds-based spirit, that is versatile and easy drinking.

Tips when buying Espresso Martini Gift Sets

  • If the gift set doesn’t come with espresso coffee, make sure you prepare your own espresso coffee in advance. By preparing it in advance, you can allow it to cool naturally.
  • When looking at the Espresso Martini gift sets, check the spirits that come in the set. Each company will use a different vodka or coffee liquor, of which you may have a preference to.
  • If order as a gift, order in advance to make sure it arrives in time!

Will you be buying one of these Espresso Martini gift sets? Is there a gift set that I haven’t included that you would like to recommend? What’s your favourite Espresso Martini recipe to replicate? Let me know in the comment box below.

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