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Hi! I'm

Mark Lee-Falcon

Hi, my name is Mark and I’m the founder of Shake It Make It. This blog stemmed from my love of making cocktails at home, something that really piqued my interest during lockdown and only grew as the months and years went on.

This platform is designed to share cocktail recipes that you can make at home and show that cocktail making doesn’t need to be over the top and pretentious. Instead, it’s something that can be enjoyed by those that love flair bartending to those that just enjoy a really nice drink!

I want to highlight the different methods involved with cocktail making and the impact they can have on the final drink. From the type of ice you use to the right glasses to serve your cocktails in, I want to share my expertise and help you produce cocktails to be proud of. As well as running Shake It Make It, I’m also an editor for online luxury lifestyle magazine Seen in the City.

When I’m not busy discovering the best places to go for cocktails or where to eat in London, I enjoy playing football and spending time with my baby boy. I invite you to come on this cocktail creating journey with me, discovering new recipes and earning more about how to create cocktails at home. Drop me a line on: mark@shakeitmakeit.co.uk I’d love to hear from you.

Seen in the City

Alongside Shake It Make It I also run luxury travel and lifestyle magazine Seen in the City. A guide to all the best things to do in London and beyond, it's packed with everything from the latest bar and restaurant launches to travel guides, fitness and interior inspiration. You can check the site out on seeninthecity.co.uk and feel free to get in touch!